• Processing of student permit at Motor Vehicles
  • Certificate of Completion
  • 6 hours Behind-The-Wheel; instruction focusing on:

*Vehicle orientation

*Seat adjustment

*Proper alignment and usage of all three mirrors

*Steering- proper hand positioning

*Braking- stop line principles and stop signs

*Turns- Hand over Hand and recovery of wheel

*Proper lane positioning- right on center

*Following distance- Establishing and maintaining

*Hazard recognition- See it early, See it all

*Driving the curve- speed adjustment at critical points

*Vehicle backing principles

*Parallel Parking (between traffic safety cones)


*Highway Driving – Entering, merging, and exiting

*Defensive Driving Techniques

*Road Test Review

* Permit validation and road test scheduling.

Didn’t pass your written exam at your High School?

No problem! Here at Express Driving School, we offer the written exam approved by the Motor Vehicle Commission. You wont have to worry about getting distracted by noisy individuals or an overcrowded atmosphere. This will save you the time of going to the MVC. Best of all, you will have peace of mind knowing you will be able to concentrate on your exam only. Once you pass, we will give you the written exam waiver (Blue Card) in order to start the process of getting your GDL Permit.