• Training for 16 years old youth
  • 7 days a week / Flexible Schedules
  • Free Pickup and Return
  • Written & Road Test Services
  • Nervous People our Speciality
  • CDL Class A, B, C, D & Bus, Auto, Motorcycle
  • Pay as you learn / Low Prices
  • Se habla español / Don’t wait more

What Do We Offer?

Express Driving School offers guaranteed service that includes an excellent preparation towards obtaining the different types of Licenses from the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission.

The difference from our School and others: We offer our CDL students a personalized training program in an effort to guarantee that they will be prepared for the road test and becoming productive in their chosen career.

Express Driving School counts with a professional team of bilingual, English/Spanish instructors, fully licensed and experienced, who will successfully assist students throughout the training program.

Express Driving School has modern facilities and a great fleet of vehicles (tractor trailers, buses, trucks, compact automobiles and motorcycles) that allow us to professionally assist and train our students.

Before enrolling into our driver’s education program, customers are properly screened to make sure they have nothing that would bar them from taking this course and are qualified to enter into this training program. They provide us with proof of eligibility and complete the registration forms. For CDL courses they must be minimum 21 years of age (in NJ 18 interstate only), have a valid driver’s license, approved driving record and ability to pass the physical test of the Department of Transportation.

Classes are individualized, with each student progressing and accommodating their curriculum according to their own schedule of time available.

Professional Assistance for People under Government or State Programs:

For people that come from Government or State funded Programs, we follow the usual guidelines of evaluating and keeping the agency informed of the student progress and adherence to the course and attendance, as well as any other issue that need to be communicated to the case manager. With these, as well as all other customers, we keep charts to monitor the attendance, progress, areas of weaknesses and strengths of our students; and we then make an evaluation. Our communication with the case manage is done by phone calls letters and emails.

In the case of students who have poor attendance, we make every effort to encourage them to improve their attendance by counseling them and emphasizing the importance of their continuing to pursuit their goal of acquiring their CDL. We deal with a great number of businesses and truck owners who constantly require services of the CDL graduates from our School.

16 Year Old Program (First time Drivers)

Any resident of New Jersey can enroll in a commercial driving school in order to obtain a Special Learner’s Permit. If you, with the help of your parent or guardian, choose to do so you will be participating in the GDL(Graduated Driver’s License) 3 Step Program.

The DMV’s 3 Step GDL program is for those student 16 years of age who wish to a head start on obtaining a license. After completing 6 hours of behind-the-wheel training and satisfy the other DMV requirements you will receive a Driver Examination Permit. Which will allow you drive under the following conditions:

  • Only when accompanied by a parent/guardian or another licensed driver with at least three years of driving experience.
  • Driving only in the state of New Jersey.
  • While having your permit in your possession.
  • Always wearing your seat belt.
  • No driving between 11:01 p.m. and 5:00 a.m.

Preparation for Written Exam and Road Test

The written driver’s licence exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions, of which 80% must be answered correctly in order to pass. The questions for the written exam can be quite difficult and every bit of help can make a difference between passing and not passing. When you sign up we will be happy to provide you with study materials, practice exams and access to the most knowledgeable driving instructors in the tri-state area.

In addition to the written exam we also provide preparation for the road test. Our instructors will go over many of the same maneuvers used in the actual road test, as well as what to expect while taking the road test. We also arrange the appointment at the DMV and then drive you to and from the testing area.